OnLoan Instant Loan – Get up to Ghc 5,000 with this Ghana Loan app

Frank Osei Nyarko
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Mobile loans has become common in Ghana recently due the economic hardship in the country. As such, many Lending Company is taking advantage of that and making loan acquiring pretty simple and straightforwarded.

Day in and Out, there’s one or two new lending app emerging the fintech market. This is really making it difficult to choose which app you should acquire loan from.

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However, some of this loan apps have pretty High interest rate and a very short term tenure which usually leads users to default.

But have if I tell you there are some with quite minimal interest rate and a reasonable term tenure for repayment, would you believe? Yes there is. – Ostensibly, OnLoan is among.

The likes of Fido Loan, Ghanalending, Sikapurse and maybe 4Cedi Loan are my favourite though.

However, this article is about OnLoan, how to get an instant loan in Ghana With This app. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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onloan instant mobile loan in ghana 1024x576 1
onloan instant mobile loan in ghana

What is OnLoan?

OnLoan is a mobile loan app in that helps you get a personal loan online where the money is sent to your MOMO Wallet or into your bank account almost instant.

How to apply for OnLoan Online?

Applying for OnLoan is simple like I’ve said earlier, follow the steps below to get your instant loan.

In five easy steps, you’d get your OnLoan approved and have your money disbursed to you instantly.

  1. Install On Loan App (Search OnLoan On Playstore or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)
  2. Register through your Phone Number
  3. Provide your basic Identity/Information through the app.
  4. Get money disbursed to your account (MOMO Wallet or Bank Account)

Who is Eligible For OnLoan?

Everyone can apply for a loan with OnLoan if only they meet the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must be aged between 20 to 60
  2. The applicant must be a Citizen of Ghana


Onloan Loan Amount Ranges from GHS 100 – GHS 10000

OnLoan Loan Terms are: shortest tenor is 91 days and the longest is 365 days

OnLoan Interest rate ranges from 12%-50%(APR)

For Example: If the loan amount is GHS1000, the loan term is 180days, and the Interest rate is 25%, the total service fee should be GHS1000 * 25% = GHS250.

The total amount must be paid: 1000+1000*25%=GHS1250

OnLoan Contacts Information

OnLoan Customer service email:
OnLoan WhatsApp:+233593932760


Getting an instant loan in Ghana is pretty simple with the OnLoan mobile app. I really hope this article guide you to get instant loan in your trying times.

Thanks for reading and please remember to share this article with friends and families.


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